Virtualize your business with VMware

be independent of the physical limitations

Data processing center

With vSphere you can deploy 15 or more virtual servers on just one physical machine. Do you want to exchange your VMs between the physical machines? vSphere vMotion makes it possible even on the long distance!

Cloud infrastructure

Integrate your vSphere environment with vCloud Air platform using your computing power, storage options, and advanced networking. Make it all infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and create a mobile workstation for your employees.

Networking and security

VMware NSX is a network virtualization platform, created specifically for software-defined data centers. NSX enables the creation of entire networks in software and embeds them in the hypervisor layer, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware.

Desktop virtualization

VMware Horizon is a brand new delivery of the virtual desktop environments. This solution is really easy, adaptable, fast and not very expensive.

The power of VMware

The multiple products provided by VMware makes the virtualization most efficient andcustomized. From the simple virtual machine, across the data centers, to the network infrastructure and hybrid clouds – it’s all possible and easy to do with the VMware solutions.

VMware turns every traditional IT service into the virtual service, which makes the financial costs drop instantly.

Move your servers with VMware

With vMotion you can move your virtual machine to the completely different physical host. Neither the host nor your customers will notice anything, because the operational continuity and the network identity stay intact.

Manage the whole network

vSphere Distributed Switch makes the multiple virtual machine networking simple and easy. Instead of managing every single machine itself, you can configure the network just once and replicate the settings to the other machines connected to the service.

Welcome to the Big Data

vSphere enables simple big data management with the Big Data Extension plugin. The use of Big Data solutions in the virtual environment or in the cloud is not a problem anymore.

What is virtualization?

Usually we install the operating system directly in our computer. Many system features depend on the hardware properties, its manufacturer etc.

The virtualization enables installing the second OS inside the existing one. We can work on completely independent Linux in one of the Windows’ windows – or the opposite.

But this is not the best of virtualization. With the VMware Hypervisor layer you can run many operating systems on the same machine in the same time. Each of them works independently. This is like you had many computers in one.

Virtualization makes the IT processes more flexible, scalable, safe and – last, but not least – less expensive.

Network virtualization


Is it possible to virtualize a network just the same way we virtualize the operating systems? Of course it is!

NSX from VMware allows us to bring the network along with the all the wires to the software layer, Hypervisor.

NSX virtualizes the whole physical network inside the software layer. It contains all the neccessary functionalities like logical switches, routers, firewalls, VPN, QoS and traffic control. Each of these functionalities is completely independent of the hardware we own.



IT as a service

With the wide offer of VMware products we can already treat IT as a service. Instead of buying the hardware, putting the wires and keeping the IT department, you can just pay the fee and use an existing and well maintained infrastructure.

It is like we bought a ticket instead of the whole bus (with the fuel, technical exams etc).

The IT ticket has many advantages, for example:

  • No problems with buying, repairing and replacing hardware,
  • Fixed and predictable expenses,
  • Space savings,
  • Customizing the services to your real needs,
  • Safety updates and upgrades are guaranteed.

Did you know...? is an official VMware partner. That’s why we have an access to the newest technologies of this producer and we are up-to-date with every upgrade.

The wide range of VMware products makes the best configuration available and customized for you.

VMware makes your IT infrastructure work better

times faster




less costs

or more virtual machines on the one physical server

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