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The amount of digital resources is growing exponentially. The disk space we used few years ago, is not enough today. We need a storage system that can grow along with the users’ needs.

Cloud integration

It is hard to imagine the data storage without the cloud. But just the cloud-ready storage system is not enough. We need a fully cloud integrated storage system.


A purchase price should be not the only criterion when we choose the right storage system. We need to take total cost of ownership into consideration.



Failures happen, it’s unavoidable. Traditional storage systems can handle the single failures, but what happens when there are multiple? We need a technology that can guarantee the highest safety level.

Meet Ceph

Ceph is the answer to the modern day IT challenges. In the era of rapid growth of the amount of processed data and the ubiquitous clouds, the storage system must keep up with the modern day users requirements.

The idea of Ceph is based on software (Software Defined Storage), not on physical capabilities of the hardware. That’s why it doesn’t require any expansive hardware modules and any special configurations.

It can repair itself

With its unique architecture, Ceph is extremetly failure resistant. Your customers will not notice any breakdown before you tell them. It is a big chance the problem will solve itself with Ceph’s built-in self repairing mechanism.

It runs fast and free

Ceph is so free and it can run so fast! Sounds weird? Maybe, but Ceph’s code is available on GPL license and it’s approved by Free Software Foundation.

How much space will the users take?

– As much as they can find.

But not when the administrators use Ceph. It won’t be easy, because Ceph allows them to add the new disks just in time. The whole disk space can reach up to 1 exabyte. That’s one million terabytes!

How does it work?

The Ceph’s system is based on multiple disk nodes connected with each other. You can add the next nodes whenever you need to. The available disk space increases proportionally to your needs, without planning!

The storage system works with bojects that can be files or blocks. This new solution allows to increase speed by eliminating the metadata.

New algorithm CRUSH

The popular storage architectures has become too outdated and not efficient. To solve this problem, the new algorithm was invented. It’s called CRUSH – Controlled Replication Under Scalable Hashing.

This algorithm eliminates the metadata use and makes the storage system work visibly faster. It also has an interesting feature – something like self-awareness. But it’s not as scary as it may seem. It only means the system is aware of its architecture, its nodes and relations between them.

The CRUSH algorithm stores all the data copies in the special, self-repairing zones. This is the reason why Ceph is resistant even to multiple failures.

The end of the RAID era

The RAID system is the most popular safe storage system. However, it cannot keep up with the modern IT requirements.

One of its worst weaknesses is an excessive relying on hardware capabilities. Today, the newest technology is able to pass this responsibility to the software, much easier to maintain.

RAID often has problems with large capacity disks, scalability and its vulnerability to multiple failures. A new solution has already come – and it’s called Ceph.

What RAID cannot do...

If you are familiar with the RAID technology, you probably know well its limitations. First, you must know well how big disk space you are planning. Then you add a bit extra space… and it’s still not enough. Enlarging the available space is very tiresome and time-consuming.

Using RAID requires adding the extra disks in case of failure. These disks are not used every day, which means the waste of money.

The RAID hardware purchase is not so easy too. This system requires a set of identical disks and the special controllers. Any deviation means the matrix slowing down or simply the failure.

...and Ceph can

If you decide to use Ceph, you won’t need to plan your disk space size. You will use as many disks as you want. If they are not enough, you will add the next ones. No need to rebuild anything.

Your disks can be different sizes and different manufacturers. You don’t need any special controllers. All the Ceph functinalities are based on software.

Multiple disks failure with RAID means a complete disaster. With Ceph everything you need is just the broken disks replace.

Did you know...?

Not so long time ago, was the only company implementing Ceph in Poland. Now there are more, but we still are a leader on the local market.

With our big experience, you can be sure the data stored in our servers are absolutely safe.

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